Just wanted to say what a difference it made having a toilet on the truck at Carnival. Being visually impaired means its is already difficult to get on and off the truck, but it would have been a nightmare to  have to get off the truck and go find a toilet in the crowd. The toilet enabled me to do Carnival with ease Рit would not have been possible without it Рthank you so much for thinking of having a toilet onboard!

Thank you for your really valuable feedback. We totally agree, and hope we will be able to fund a toilet for Notting Hill Carnival 2017.

My friends say I never look happier than when I am in UFOs

Never in a million years would I have thought that in just 6 months I’d learnt how to play a musical instrument from scratch and then play a the Notiing Hill Carnival after 8 months, nearing 60! Its a reflection of having a wonderfully encouraging, endlessly patient, excellent teacher. UFO is also the most brilliant team: everyone helps each other. We all have different ‘sticky bits’ and coach each other. It is also fantastically diverse which I love. Its given me a new lease of live, after my son left home and after so many recent bereavements. My friends say I never look happier than when I am in UFOs. Thank you.
– Thank you for your really valuable feedback.

I love everything about being in UFOs

I loved everything about the summer project 2016/2017 and did not want it to end! I never thought that at my age I would be learning a new instrument and playing in a band, but now I can’t wait for Monday and Tuesday nights and I hate those rare occasions when I have to miss class. I love the way Jason is really patient in his teaching – sometimes I thought I would never get it, but he reassured me that eventually I would, and I did.
– Thank you for your really valuable feedback – it means so much to UFOs to hear what our participants think.

I like the dresses/hawaiian shirts gig outfits and appreciate that they are not gender specific

Even though it has been nice to dress for gigs in the colourful outfits with the long dresses for ladies and colourful shirts for men, I found the long dress somewhat restricting and I didn’t quite feel myself in it as I do not often wear this kind of dress. Its great that I can now wear the hawaiian shirt instead, and I love that lots of people in the band are trying different things out with the floral shirt/dress/sparkly hat combination – we rock!
– Thank you for your really valuable feedback – everyone indeed looks fabulous in posh gig dress code!

Steelpan has changed my life.

Steelpan has changed my life. Before pan I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was feeling very depressed and felt very isolated. I find it very hard to talk to people and to make friends but being part of the ufo’s steelband has given me time away from my kids and aloud me to make new friends anf has built my confidence a great deal – thank you ufos.
– Thank you for your really valuable feedback

I have made new friends

I have made new friends in UFO and I love the tea break before the lesson ends when I have hot chocolate and sometimes people bring cakes
– Thank you for your really valuable feedback… we love it when people bring cakes!

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