Bringing Out The Musical Me

Steelpan brings out the musical me I don’t get to show at home or at school. I like going to gigs and to carnival as I like to see other people enjoying our music. You get to try different types of pan, yesterday I got to play bass. It was really fun playing a new pan with different notes. I could feel it vibrate in my hands. The notes were so low after playing tenor which is so high. One of the people in the front line playing tenor with me is blind, he plays tenor really well. It is really inspiring to play with him. Sometimes me and my friend learn the notes quicker than the grownups, and the grownups ask us to show them how it goes. In school and at home it is always the grownups telling us how to do things, I like it that I can learn something quickly and then show the grownups how to do it for a change.